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Cryogenic tube series
Centrifuge tube series
PCR pipe(plate),deep pore plate series
General liquid relief pipet series
Automatic liquid relief pipet series
Test tube/test tube rack series
Petri dish/petri plate series
Snore piece,specimen bottle/dish series
Pathological consumable series
SBS·2D cryo tube and self-developed scanner
Saliva collector
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  ‘A friend from afar, a problem! Savage, ‘ This is a warm, uphold responsibility to meet the needs of users, to force In the process, equipment improvements, the detection means perfect, the development of new products and enhancing the level of professional staff and personnel primer Jin. In’pioneering, innovative, realistic, progressive’ entrepreneurial spirit,’plant technology, quality first, quality services, Last users’ operating principle. The companies’ field from top to bottom to the same ‘who wins, after years of hard work, with today’s success.

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