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Cryogenic tube series
Centrifuge tube series
PCR pipe(plate),deep pore plate series
General liquid relief pipet series
Automatic liquid relief pipet series
Test tube/test tube rack series
Petri dish/petri plate series
Snore piece,specimen bottle/dish series
Pathological consumable series
SBS·2D cryo tube and self-developed scanner
Saliva collector
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  with more than 30 years’ history, our company lies in the famousorange’s hometown-Huangyan, Taizhou City of Zhejiang, China, a beautiful littoral city.

In 1970
Gaoqiao Machinary Factory was founded, specilly produ-cing various plastic models and machinery accessories.

In 1988
Our company started to produce plastic product, test tube, centrifuge tube, culture dish and so on test products.

In 1997
Our company changed the name to Fangye Medical Supplies Co.,ltd., it assembles the plastic test products production and famous brand test equipment and test reagent sale agency for home and abord. The customer is wildly for

About us

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Gaoqiao Street, Huangyan, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province  E-mail:sales@cnfangye.com
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